Eyebrow micropigmentation

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The procedure of micropigmentation – or semi-permanent make-up, also known as cosmetic tattooing – involves introducing a special cosmetic pigment into the superficial layer of the skin – the basal layer of the epidermis (about 0.3 mm deep) – with the aim of correcting and at the same time beautifying the natural features and shape of the eyebrows.

Micropigmentation perfects the shape and features of the eyebrows, without interfering in any way with existing hairs. Eyebrow micropigmentation will be tailored to the physiognomy and desire of each client, who will be assisted throughout the process by our team with extensive experience in the art of micropigmentation. The introduction of the pigment will be preceded by a preliminary phase of determining the shape, texture and color of the new eyebrows, using a special pencil designed to simulate the post-micropigmentation look of your eyebrows.

  • Powder and thread by thread technique
  • Duration: 2 sessions
  • Organic pigments
  • Color doesn’t change over time


Once you have agreed on the shape, color and texture of your eyebrows, our artist will begin the micropigmentation procedure, which involves applying the pigments under the skin using a sterile, disposable needle, which will be unsealed in your presence. The procedure takes on average 2 hours, depending on the physiognomy of your eyebrows and their texture.

In order to make the cosmetic tattooing procedure as painless as possible, a series of external anesthetics, in the form of an ointment, will be used to relieve any discomfort caused by the eyebrow micropigmentation procedure. Tolerability varies from person to person, of course, with some of our clients reporting that the eyebrow tweezing procedure is much more painful than eyebrow micropigmentation.

  • Nationally trained specialist
  • Natural shape and look
  • Asymmetry correction


Possible side effects that may occur following the eyebrow micropigmentation process differ from person to person, depending on the nature of the skin and the body’s reaction to the anti-allergic and antiseptic cosmetic pigments. In the vast majority of cases, the eyebrows show redness and slight swelling in the micropigmented area, which disappears after about 2-3 hours after the procedure.

Depending on the skin type, a certain amount of pigment may be removed in the healing process. Through the retouching procedure, which is carried out 4 weeks after the micropigmentation procedure, we will be able to better stabilize the pigment in the skin and correct any small gaps caused by the healing process. On average, micropigmented eyebrows can last between 1-3 years, depending on skin type and proper care.


We use high quality, organic pigments used by accredited international trainers that do not fade in color over time.


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