Lip micropigmentation

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Lip micropigmentation involves the insertion of bioresorbable organic pigments into the lip epidermis using a sterile, disposable, extremely fine and thin needle. Through micropigmentation, the shape, color, physiognomy and volume of the lips can be improved in order to present a feminine, attractive and sensual appearance.

Micropigmentation gives your lips a flawless, feminine and sensual appearance at any time of the day. This means you can do away once and for all with classic cosmetic touch-up products, which are time-consuming, expensive and stressful to apply. This way, micropigmented lips will enjoy a perfect contour and gorgeous color every moment of the day.

  • Asymmetry correction
  • Natural look
  • Organic pigments
  • Duration: 2 sessions
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Being a much more sensitive area than the eyebrows, the procedure will require a greater volume of work and, obviously, a longer execution time. On average, such a procedure takes between 2 and 3 hours, while a touch-up lasts one to two hours. The lip micropigmentation process will begin with the application of an anesthetic cream, which will prepare the ground for the lip contour drawing stage, which will determine the final shape of the lips after micropigmentation.

  • Wide range of colours
  • Nationally and internationally trained specialist
  • Powerful anesthetic cream
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Optionally, you can also come to the salon with your favorite lipstick, to guide us more easily in the process of choosing the color of the pigments injected into the lips. Then, once the final shape has been determined, the actual procedure will begin, which will be carried out by means of a special electric device, similar to those used in tattoo salons. At the end of the pigment application, a pigment mask is applied for 2-3 minutes to stabilize the pigment in the skin.

After this stage, the pigment residue is removed and a special balm is applied to stabilize the pigment injected into the lips. Once the pigment has stabilized in the lips, our clients will be able to do without lipstick and any other lip shape and contour enhancers. The pigments will retain their color over time, but will gradually fade naturally over time.

There is no need to panic if the end result of micropigmentation is darker in color than the desired end result, as color fading takes between 4 and 6 days, with up to 15 days required for color stabilization and full healing of the skin. The use of lipstick or lip balm is recommended after the micropigmented lips have fully recovered.

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We use high quality, organic pigments used by accredited international trainers that do not fade in color over time.


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